Diveco Logistics will be the latest generation of logistics platform and ERP system operating largely in the cloud, fully based on integrated Blockchain technologies and the IoT (Internet of Things) concept in the Tangle registry. So far, no existing company has attempted to implement these technologies in commercial systems. The platform will be the cheapest, and at the same time the safest and most effective tool for business management. The use of Blockchain and Tangle registers in the ERP system will become a milestone in the development of resource management systems, because we currently do not have a more secure technology for maintaining and integrating data in the network.

ICO – Initial Coin Offering sometimes also called IPCO – Initial Public Coin Offering is a startup activity aimed at raising capital by distributing some of the funds to people who have decided to support it.

Blockchain or block chain – a decentralized database in the open source model in a peer-to-peer (P2P) internet network without central computers and without a centralized data storage.

Tangle is a different type of Blockchain. A targeted acyclic graph (DAG) – the Tangle. In a traditional blockchain, various transactions are linked to each other in a block and only then verified by miners. In Tangle, each single transaction forms a new block and verifies itself. In order for all to work, two randomly selected transactions from the network must first be verified. This is based on a simplified version of the proof-of-work known from Bitcoin, so you could say that the transactions are not without costs (the cost is the need to make calculations). However, the amount of work required by Proof of Work is so low that any device can do it without a problem. In practice, therefore, the transaction cost does not exist. Tangle’s advantage is scalability – due to the fact that each subsequent transaction verifies the two remaining ones in the network, the system will adjust itself to the increase in popularity. So you can forget about something like block size. If we understand Tangle as the “convolution” of all transactions, then when the device makes an offline transaction, it can then connect its subtangle – “podsplot” to the main core. This is a very promising solution because nodes do not have to be online all the time. The most likely application of Tangle will be the IoT (Internet of Things) concept. In the same concept, it will be used in the Diveco Logistics system.

Cryptocurrency, less often a cryptographic currency – a distributed accounting system based on cryptography, storing information about the state of ownership in conventional units. The state of ownership is related to individual system nodes (“portfolios”) in such a way that only the owner of the corresponding private key would have control over the given portfolio and it was impossible to issue the same unit twice.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – a method of effectively planning the management of the entire enterprise resource. It is also the definition of IT systems used to support business management or the cooperation of a group of cooperating enterprises, by collecting data and enabling operations to be performed on collected data.

The Diveco Logistics system will use three methods of data flow and storage, using Blockchain and Tangle registers with Proof of Work and Proof of Space protocols. A fully decentralized system will bring obvious benefits in the form of improved security and a significant reduction in the cost of its use. It will also help to solve individual problems concerning specific sectors and economic branches. Blockchain technology is still being developed, it is very likely that in the next decade it will become a standard commonly used in various types of systems. Therefore, creating an ERP system fully based on this technology will allow for its integration with other systems, including banking, in the future.

We would like to target people who are familiar with the topic of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. We are aware that this topic is causing a lot of controversy around the world, and the media campaigns scare away potential investors. Thanks to Diveco tokens, investors will immediately receive an instrument to play on the stock market, which will accelerate the return of investment without having to wait for the development of the company.

The token price in ICO will vary depending on the collection phase. The ICO is divided into three phases, each subsequent price doubling.

Price: 0,02 USD

Price: 0,04 USD

Price: 0,08 USD

200,000,000 XDIV (in words: two hundred million tokens)

Soft Cap is the minimum amount of funds that must be collected to develop the project.

Hard Cap is the maximum amount of funds that can be collected. Any amount of funds over Soft Cap will significantly accelerate the company’s development.

Any investor with Diveco tokens will be able to benefit from this. Tokens will be treated as shares of the company, for this reason investors will be paid quarterly dividends. Diveco Logistics will share its net income with investors. The amount of dividends will be determined individually for each settlement period. The amount to be divided, however, will not exceed 10% of the company’s net income. It will also not be lower than 5%. The dividend system will start functioning after creating the full version of Diveco Logistics platform. Until then, tokens will be an instrument for trading on the stock exchange. Thanks to the implementation of the dividend system, the demand for tokens will increase, which will also translate into their value. Each single token will reflect the percentage of the dividend due. The sum of tokens is 200,000,000, which means that 200,000 tokens are 1% of this sum, which entitles to a 1% dividend from the amount to be shared for investors (from 5% to 10% of the company’s net revenue). When paying out dividends, only those tokens will be taken into consideration, which will be stored on the portfolio prepared by the company. Tokens kept on the stock exchange and other wallets will not be included. The sum to be divided will therefore be shared only between investors who place tokens in the right place. It may happen that an investor with a small number of tokens will be the only investor holding tokens in a dedicated portfolio – then the entire amount to be shared (from 5% to 10% of net revenue) will be transferred to him – regardless of the sum of tokens held.

Yes, during the ICO there will be an affiliate program providing a bonus in exchange for the promotion of the project. Each user will receive their unique referral link, which will allow them to invite friends to participate in ICO. The bonus from the affiliate program provides 10% of the sum of Diveco tokens purchased by the invited person.

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